Upcoming Events

Kyle Hutchins Trio

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Frampton / Heslop / Maillet

joyous grooves / twists on classics from the 40s to the modern day / original music / fun

Zach Frampton - piano/keys // Martin Heslop - bass // Eric Maillet - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Experimental #Instrumental

Joe Sullivan Big Band

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Kite Trio covers ''Fashion Nugget'' by Cake

Kite Trio will cover Cake's awesome album ''Fashion Nugget''. Already 20 years this record came out and we are really excited to revisit those tunes that are still moving us today. Hope to see you there july 12th at Resonance !

Paul VanDyk - bass // Eric Dew - drums // Eric Couture - guitar


Anctil/Leblanc Quartet

Guitarist Jean-Michel Leblanc and pianist Yannick Anctil join forces for this new quartet project. Assisted by Mathieu McConnell Enright on double bass and Frédéric Hébert on drums, they deliver their original tunes: spatial and silky soundscapes influenced by folk, latin and swing music.

Jean-Michel Leblanc - electric guitar // Yannick Anctil - piano // Mathieu McConnell Enright - double bass // Frédéric Hébert - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Extended Family - New residency(n.6) at Résonance

A collective of improvisers brought together by Montreal piano and keyboard player, Gabriel Vinuela. The soaring melodies, inspired tinkering and contagious grooves are omnipresent. The ensemble focuses on creating live beats and grooves inspired by electronic music, jazz, hiphop and rock. Each session is 100% improvised.

Gabriel Vinuela - keys+electronics // Antoine Pelegrin - bass + fx // Liam Killen - drums // Hugo Parent-Pothier - trumpet

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic

Max's Group + Maude Desrosiers

Max's group will be playing original music featuring the great talents of:
Simon Millerd, trumpet
Maxime Tremblay, Guitar
Gentiane Gagnon, Piano
Louis-Vincent Hamel, Drums
Maude Desrosiers will perform a solo clarinet piece with ghost score by Morton Subotnick.
Passages of the Beast is a solo clarinet work for an amplified clarinet, and like the other ghost pieces , the amplification is done through a processing device called the ghost electronics. These ghost electronics are controlled by an audio tape, which is composed and prepared especially for the work. The result is a constantly changing acoustical environment within which the clarinet plays evoking the awakening of the beast .

Maxime Tremblay-Rheault - guitar

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic


4 young musicians unite to tell their stories through electric and eclectic sounds and compositions.

Sunny Abellard - piano // Faraday Fontimus - trumpet // Matt McCormack - bass // Elijah Fontimus - drums


Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Kyle Hutchins Trio

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Taylor Donaldson Big Band

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Allegra Krieger and Anteater Rodeo

Drawing from a diverse range of musical inspirations, Anteater Rodeo presents a night of “dustbowl jazz” - an eclectic mix of folk music, jazz, blues and rock.//// Allegra Krieger is a contemporary folk singer and songwriter inspired by a life lived transiently and freely; with songs regarding her travels and the relations that have come and gone within them.

Allegra Krieger // Aaron Dolman/Zach Bachand/JC

#Jazz #folk/blues/alternative

James Bayford Quartet at Resonance Cafe

Jazz standards with a modern flair. The group is led by James Bayford, a recent Humber College Graduate. This show is one of many as part of his July Full Steam Ahead Tour - which features local rhythm sections as he travels from Coast to Coast by train.

James Bayford - tenor saxophone // Chris Edmondson - alto saxophone // TBD - bass // TBD - drums

#Jazz #Standards

Andres Vial and Friends

Playing rarely heard tunes by Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, George Shearing and more!

Andres Vial - piano // Martin Heslop - double bass // Andre White - drums

#Jazz #Standards

Kim Zombik and E Billy Thompson : Father and Daughter Reunion

My father and I only met a year ago and we both sing and have sung our whole lives! Come share the joy as we pair up for the first time; this is a true feel good event !

Kim Zombik - voice // E Billy Thompson - voice // Kate Wyatt - piano // Martin Heslop - bass // Greg Ritchie - drums

#Jazz #soul

Emilio Reyna & Los Caballeros

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Kyle Hutchins Trio

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Kashka Matoga

Singer/songwriter from Montreal. I use the medium of music to connect with people. Come hear some original and cover music!

Kashka Matoga - voice


Kirmayer / Miller / Chapman / White

Sam Kirmayer - guitar // Joel Miller - tenor saxophone // Jonathan Chapman - bass // André White - drums

#Jazz #Standards

RootRow's First Show!

RootRow is the brainchild of composer and bassist Jono Thorpe. Merging his interests in jazz, minimalism, folk and pop, this trio is the culmination of his works to this point. Pianist Zack Santella and Drummer Sean Allison contribute immensely to development and exploration of the music, adding their own personal touch to the pieces Jono writes. Channeling their creative spirits and energy, the trio tries to mould the music into something unique every time they get on stage.

Jono Thorpe - bass and compositions // Zack Santella - piano // Sean Allison - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Andrew Schiller Quartet

The members of the Andrew Schiller Quartet, residing in New York City, initially formed as an outlet to workshop and perform new compositions by Schiller and have played frequently at prominent venues and music series throughout NYC. This group strives to bring improvisation to the foreground of every performance. A musical trust has been established amongst the members of the group, allowing them to take risks and interpret compositions with sincerity and spontaneity. The group searches for a delicate musical balance: tightrope walking through treacherous solo sections while maintaining the flexibility and awareness to alter form/style/tonality at any moment. The quartet recorded their debut album Tied Together, Not To The Ground in October 2016 which was released in May 2017 on Red Piano Records. The compositions on this album range stylistically but maintain a strong overlying theme. The album’s title refers to Schiller’s own attempt to hold on to his identity, memories, and beliefs without letting the weight of nostalgia cause stagnation. Songs from the record tend to conjure up an array of relatable recollective imagery—pivotal places, experiences, and people encountered—not just as a scrapbook of journeys, but as a gentle reminder to take the occasional leap forward into the unknown.

Andrew Schiller - bass // Hery Paz - tenor saxophone // Alec Harper - tenor saxophone // Robin Baytas - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Reno De Stefano Quartet

The quartet will perform jazz standards, original compositions, and tunes by the great Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, & Grant Green. Come on down !

Reno De Stefano - guitar // Dany Roy - saxophone // Mike De Masi - bass // Guillaume Pilote - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Jazz

New Organ Trio

A mix of jazz ,70's boogaloo,funk,and soul this group will join straight ahead jazz organ trio with party grooves..Bring your dancing shoes...party time at the Resonance..

Lorrie Goodman - organ // Reno de Stefano - guitar // Martin Auguste - drums

#Jazz #Instrumental #Funk #Jazz,funk,boogaloo,soul

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Kyle Hutchins Trio

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

David Rourke Quartet

David Rourke - guitar // Alex Francoeur - tenor saxophone // André White - drums // Jonathan Chapman - bass


Mike Bjella

Mike Bjella returns to Montreal and assembles the crew to play Love songs.

#Mango tree music

Chris Maskell Quartet

Chris Maskell is an emerging voice in the Montreal and Ottawa jazz scenes. As a recent graduate of McGill’s jazz program, he’s had the chance to study with saxophonists such as Donny Kennedy, Frank Lozano and Rémi Bolduc. At this performance, his group will present a mix of original music and jazz standards.

Chris Maskell - saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Jonathan Chapman - bass // William Machado - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Alex Lefaivre Quartet featuring Andy King, Evan Shay and Noam Guerrier-Freud

This addition of the Alex Lefaivre Quartet will feature Andy King on trumpet, Evan Shay on tenor sax and Noam Guerrier-Freud on drums. The repertoire is a mix of originals, jazz standards and different covers ranging from pop, classical music and film music.

Alex Lefaivre - bass // Andy King - trumpet // Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Noam Guerrier-Freud - drums


Snaggle feat. Brownman Ali

Based in Toronto, SNAGGLE, ­­ under the leadership of in-­demand 25 year old jazz pianist Nick Maclean, is a 6­-piece electric­-jazz-funk ensemble often described by media as “Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy”. Sporting an all­-original repertoire the group has a fearless and muscular yet introspective sound likened to a cross between electric­-era Miles Davis and Rage Against the Machine. Taking elements from a wide variety of musical sources including jazz, funk, rock, and metal, SNAGGLE contextualizes them within the improvisational and spontaneous elements of the jazz ideology. Their uniquely brash and infectious brand of jazz­-funk is a melodically driven sound which incorporates primal groove qualities more commonly associated with pop and rock, swinging their live show from quietly contemplative all the way to explosively fierce,­ sometimes all within the same tune. The line­-up of players in SNAGGLE includes some of the hottest twenty­-somethings on the Toronto scene, representing the next generation of irreverent, boundary pushing Canadian players standing side-by-side internationally acclaimed veteran trumpet iconoclast Brownman Ali. SNAGGLE has been in high demand in the Canadian jazz festival circuit, and has been performing regularly in and around the Toronto area since 2013. Most recently the band was honoured to be the recipient of a Gold-standard Global Music Award for their recent album THE LONG SLOG . Both THE LONG SLOG and their recent Christmas single CHRISTMAS TUNE have been seeing much international critical acclaim since their release (both releases on Browntasauras Records).

Nick Maclean - keyboard/synth // Brownman Ali - trumpet // Graeme Wallace - tenor saxophone // Sean Patrick-Clarey - guitar // Brad Cheeseman - bass // Riley O'Connor - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Electronic #Funk

Jonathan Chapman Quintet

Jonathan Chapman Quintet presents an evening of exciting original music and rewarding jazz standards. The group draws inspiration from jazz, avant-garde, folk and rock influences, to the delight of the listener.

Ethan Heyenga - alto sax. // Alex Francoeur - tenor sax. // Andrew Marzotto - guitar // Jonathan Chapman - bass // Aaron Dolman - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Experimental #Instrumental

Aaron Dolman Trio

The Aaron Dolman Trio is made up of three sympathetic musicians who explore jazz standards as well as original works with an eagerness to stretch the musical possibilities of the chord-less trio format through highly reactive, sensitive and engaging musical inter-play.

Alex Francoeur - saxophone // Jonathan Chapman - bass // Aaron Dolman - drums


Heatwarmer (Seattle) // Mich Cota // Kristian North

David Lynch, Beethoven, and Michael McDonald walk into a K-Mart commercial. Things get a little wild and nine months later, Seattle-based DIY band Heatwarmer is born. Jazz-brained, cheeky, and new wave-nostalgic, Heatwarmer is the absurdist darling of Luke Bergman, Aaron Otheim, and Evan Woodle, three music school cherry pickers who’ve spent a lot of time with their grandparents. Reclaiming dad funk and yacht rock as their own, Heatwarmer spans the whole sonic gamut: combining west coast smooth jazz, eerie Twin Peaks synth-pop, with the humor and hoke of a 70’s gameshow.

#Original #Experimental #Mixtape #Rock

Lawful Citizen EP Release

Lawful Citizen has developed a repertoire of intense original music that does not shy away from anything. Their music is meant to seek truth and find deeper meaning through composition and improvisation. Formed by Evan Shay in late 2015, the goal of this band was to bring together four unique musicians who have strong voices on their instruments. It is a combination of American and Quebecois grit, a combustion of dangerous melodies, hard grooving guitar, low bass, and hardcore drums. Yet, they have a softer side, with tunes that respond to emotional events in their lives. A wide range of sources including post bop era jazz, improvised music, metal, rock, electronic, blues, and Americana has influenced their music.

Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Aime Duquet - guitar // Antoine Pelegrin - electric bass // Kyle Hutchins - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Mughal Muesli + Xander Naylor Quartet

Mughal Muesli: An exploration of an alternate-historical merging of cultures represented by their most imaginative musical exports, Imperial Cereal seeks to construct a new edifice on the ancient and fertile ground of mystery, spirit, and ingenuity shared by artistic traditions the world over. In particular, we drew inspiration from the contrapuntal mastery of the High Baroque in Europe, the originators and innovators of Khayyal in the Mughal courts of North India, and the indestructible spirit of American free jazz. Xander Naylor Quartet: Guitarist and composer Alexander Naylor began his musical pursuits on the piano at a young age. He picked up the guitar soon after, and it proved to be his true instrumental voice. He made a smooth transition to the guitar, on which he was already performing in Vermont at the age of ten. In 2008 he moved to New York to complete his undergraduate degree at The New School For Jazz and Contemporary Music. He has since established himself on the NYC music scene and performed throughout the US, Europe, and India. He is currently working closely with world-renowned tabla virtuoso Pandit Samir Chatterjee to create a new sound and vocabulary for the guitar. He hopes to find an expression of the simplicity of nature through the guitar.

Xavier Del Castillo - saxophone // Mat Muntz - double bass // Vicente Hansen - drums // Xander Naylor - guitar // Elijah Shiffer - saxophone

#Jazz #Original #Experimental

Brad Cheeseman

Brad Cheeseman - electric bass // Robert Chapman - guitar // Nick Maclean - piano // Marito Marques - drums // Graeme Wallace - tenor sax

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Sebastian Bailey Quartet

Saxophonist and composer, Sebastian Bailey will be performing original works and favourite standards with his new quartet. After twelve years abroad in the U.S. and Europe including six years in Berlin, Germany as a professional soloist and sideman, with two releases of original and improvised music to date, Silhouettes of Silence (Fresko Music, 2013) and Love Song For The Nation (Vineyard Music, 2016), Bailey is now enjoying time to work on his next project due to be released in Spring, 2018. He is currently completing a master’s of music in jazz performance at the Schulich School of Music with a focus in composition where he has been studying with Christine Jensen, Joe Sullivan, Donny Kennedy and John Hollenbeck. Recent performances in Montreal have included concerts with Kevin Dean, Andre White, Solon McDade, among others.

Sebastian Bailey - saxophone // Jonathan Turgeon - piano // Jonathan Chapman - bass // William Machado - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Kennedy/Mossing Quintet

Donny Kennedy and Dave Mossing have been performing together in various settings for over 25 years. This new project unites them as co-leaders, featuring their compositions with a top-notch rhythm section of André White, Johnny Chapman, and Dave Laing.

Donny Kennedy - saxophone // Dave Mossing - trumpet // André White - piano // Johnny Chapman - bass // Dave Laing - drums


Papacho Sirdey Trio ft. Olivier Babaz & Ivan Bamford

Papacho Sirdey - piano // Olivier Babaz - bass // Ivan Bamford - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Experimental #Instrumental

Quentin Tolimieri

Improvised solo piano drawing from a range of experimental genres, particularly free jazz, free improvisation, and contemporary composed music.

Quentin Tolimieri - piano

#Jazz #Classical #Experimental #Instrumental

Fox Club

As 3 unique and standout musicians, Fox Club presents a diverse collection of music. Borrowing from Jazz, Rock and Folk styles, this trio presents fresh and interesting original material (as well as familiar selections) to the delight of the listener.

Jonathan Chapman - bass // Aaron Dolman - drums // Chris Maskell - saxophone/ewi

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Funk

Matt Choboter Quintet

The quintet navigates original compositions and exploring varied rhythmic and harmonic frameworks. Concepts of recession and growth, varied dialogue between spontaneity and intricate composition, time experienced on both the micro and macro levels and polyrhythmic interactions with the goal of highly subjective perceptual flexibility. Informed by Carnatic rhythmic ideas, of how time and space can be experienced with great accuracy by way of interacting large-scale and small-scale frameworks. The goal to infuse multi-cultural musical practices and procedures into a Canadian Jazz context.

Matt Choboter - piano

#Original #Instrumental #post-jazz


Togetherness! was formed through a chance meeting of musicians from Cape Town and Montreal with a mutual love for jazz music of South Africa. This special music combines kwela, gospel, jazz and the avant gard. We play the music of Abdullah Ibrahim, Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Johnny Dyani, international sound travellers like Don Cherry and William Parker, and our own music too.

Ellwood Epps - trumpet // Scott Thomson - trombone // Erik Hove - alto saxophone // Rus Nerwich - tenor & soprano saxophone // Stéphane Diamantakiou - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums


Aerialists cd release

About Aerialists: In a world where hyphenated genres are becoming the norm, all kinds of monikers are available for a contemporary folk band - post-folk, trad-core, alt-roots. File under World, or file under Celtic? Aerialists fits best with the beautifully contradictory term prog-trad, melding their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities with a deep love for folk traditions. Aerialists are Scottish harpist Màiri Chaimbeul (Darol Anger & The Furies), and Canadians Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) on guitar and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on fiddle. Performing as a 5 piece band with drums and bass, Aerialists combine post-rock textures and trad energy to create captivating new music. “Aerialists interweave Gaelic and Scandinavian folk traditions with jazz and just a hint of rock in an intoxicating blend.” - Folk Radio UK A Celtic Explosions In The Sky - Calgary Audience Member.

Adam Iredale-Gray - guitar // Elise Boeur - fiddle // Mairi Chaimbeul - scottish harp

#Original #Instrumental #Celtic prog rock

Oddjob Ensemble

Hailing from Sonoma County, Oddjob Ensemble performs a myriad of musical styles and collaborates with perfomance artists in Vaudevillian shows, musical theater, and the avant garde. The Ensemble, led by Kalei Yamanoha, is a trio that is comprised of trap kit, string bass and accordion. Dancing to energizing early jazz numbers, listening to ethereal folk music and stomping to raucus overtures, the crowd will have their ears twisted into a delicious musical pretzel.

Oddjob Ensemble - accordion

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Klezmer/balkan

Jazz brésilien - Rodrigo Simoes Quintet

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental #Vocal #brazilian music