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Simon Legault Standards Trio

Simon Legault - guitar // Rémi-Jean Leblanc - bass // Alain Bourgeois - drums

#Jazz #Standards #Instrumental

Taylor Donaldson Big Band

#Jazz #Instrumental

CD Launch + collective show

Launch of bilingual CD of Nancy R Lange in sonic landscapes of Moe Clark form 5 to 6h30 with performances of Nancy R Lange and Moe Clark at 6h30 followed by collective show from 7h00 to 8h00 with Nancy R Lange, Moe Clark, Ian Ferrier, Brian Campbell and Eliz Robert, celebrating Earth Day and Natinal Poetry month

Nancy R Lange // Moe Clark // Ian Ferrier // Brian Campbell // Eliz Robert

#Original #Experimental #Poetry #spoken word in sound landscapes

Grad McClaudia

Evan Shay:tenor sax Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon:accordion Mathieu McConnell-Enright:bass Maxime Tremblay-Rheault:guitar John Hollenbeck:drums/composition Play the music of the Claudia Quintet

John Hollenbeck - drums // Evan Shay - tenor sax // Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon - accordion // Maxime Tremblay-Rheault - guitar // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass


The Music of Brainfeeder

Brainfeeder is an independent record label founded by Flying Lotus in 2008. Its focus is on electronic music and experimental hip-hop. It has signed artists such as Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Taylor McFerrin, Daedelus, Ras G, and others. For the first time ever, this all-star band will be playing selections from Brainfeeder's incredibly diverse and unique output.

#Jazz #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic #Funk

Julie Chapais Quartet

The Julie Chapais Quartet performs jazz originals which can best be described as very melodic with an edge. Atmospheric, inspired by prog-rock and funk, Chapais’s compositions are shaped by textures and colours, each of them a story .

Julie Chapais - guitar // David Ryshpan - keyboards // Samuel Brassard - electric bass // Michel Medrano Brindis - drums


Kevin's Cowboy Jazz Band

Jazz renditions of cowboy songs from the 1930's and 40's by Gene Autry, Billy Hill,Roy Rogers, etc

kevin Dean - trumpet/spoken word // Joel (Big Tiny)Miller - sax/clarinet // Gabby Lambert - guitar/lap-steel // Levi Dover the wild rangerover - bass // Uncle Mitch Lambert - drums etc // Marie Fatima Rudolf - piano and chimes

#Cowboy Jazz

The Beignets

Filled with the restorative POWER of TIGER GLANDS, the strength of a HURRICANE, and the BEAUTYof the TAJ MAHAL at midnight; the SWINGING SOUNDS of The BEIGNETS cannot be denied. Feel WHOLE once again, as your SPIRIT returns to Bourbon Street, and your HEART SINGS with the JOY that only the JAZZ of The BEIGNETS. can bring.

Lex French - trumpet // Dave Ryshpan

#Jazz #New Orleans

Adam O'Farrill's Stranger Days

Led by trumpeter and composer Adam O'Farrill, Stranger Days is an ensemble with an eclectic sound, that is cohesive and unified, yet thrives on the individuality of the members' voices. O'Farrill and the rest of the band members deliver original compositions that have a narrative ebb and flow, while the band also recreates the music of artists as varied as Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Kenny Dorham, and even reaches into the obscurity of indigenous Mexican music. In Stranger Days, there is joy, humor, sadness, and everything in between- in other words, it is music.
The rest of the band is comprised of Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor sax, Walter Stinson on bass, and Zack O'Farrill on drums. The band released its first album, Stranger Days, on Sunnyside Records, in April 2016. Nate Chinen of the NYTimes wrote in his review: “Marshaling a sharp band of his peers — Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor saxophone; Walter Stinson on bass; and Zack O’Farrill, his older brother, on drums — Mr. O’Farrill establishes both a firm identity and a willful urge to stretch and adapt.”
The band has performed at The Jazz Gallery, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Yale University, the Lilypad, and in 2017 will be performing at the 2017 NYC Winter Jazz Fest, 2017 Friehofer's Saratoga Jazz Festival, Cornell University, and more.

Adam O'Farrill - trumpet // Chad Lefkowitz-Brown - tenor sax // Walter Stinson - bass // Zack O'Farrill - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Samuel Cousineau Trio Feat. Donny Kennedy

Samuel Cousineau - alto saxophone // Donny Kennedy - alto saxophone // Andre White - drums // Mathieu McConnell - bass

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Concordia Arranging presents: Big Band

A generous sampling of the next generation of Jazz arrangers, performed by some of Montreal's finest jazz veterans! Big band, it's gonna be huge! Concordia Arranging Class of 2017, directed by Robin Chemtov

Robin Chemtov - piano/director

#Jazz #Standards #Instrumental #original Big Band arrangements

McGill Jazz Arranging Concert

The best big band arrangements from both sections of McGill Basic Jazz Arranging for the 2017 winter semester.

McGill Jazz Arranging Big Band - big band

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental


Cabale is a contemporary jazz quintet based in Montreal. Their original compositions are inspired by 90's and current video game music and by jazz pianists the likes of Tigran Hamasyan and Neil Cowley.

Anne-Sophie Doré-Coulombe - vocals // Arnaud Allary - clarinet / tenor saxophone // Alex McNally - piano // Etienne Dextraze - double bass / electric bass // Andrew Beaudoin - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal

My Misshapen Ear + Freedman/ Kruger/ Manzon

My Misshapen Ear is a collective trio featuring Toronto musicians Anthony Argatoff on alto saxophone, Andrew Furlong on bass, and Joe Sorbara on drums and percussion. Their music ranges from minimalism to free jazz to chamber music through swinging, blues-inflected, nose-crinkling-neck-rocking grooves as often as prick-up-your-ears noise experiments. The band plays music composed by its three members whose strength as both composers and improvisers is on full display here. The first set will feature Lori Freedman (bass clarinet), Sandro Manzon (piano), and Daniel Kruger (acoustic guitar). It will be their first time performing together. This set is a unique opportunity for two young improvisers (Sandro and Daniel) to play with a musician who is internationally recognized as both an improviser and composer.

Joe Sorbara - drums, percussion // Anthony Argatoff - alto saxophone // Andrew Furlong - bass // Lori Freedman - bass clarinet // Daniel Kruger - acoustic guitar // Sandro Manzon - piano

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #improvisation

Samuel Bonnet Quartet Oriental Blue

« Oriental Blue » is the latest project of Montreal-based, Israeli-French acoustic guitarist Samuel Bonnet. Made of ten original compositions specifically written for his quartet, it takes the audience on a poetic journey inspired by different musical traditions form the Middle-East, North-Africa, Spain (Flamenco, Klezmer, Gnawa…) and the Americas (Jazz, Latin…), tracing a parallel between the jazz-blues characteristic melodic inflection : the « blue note » and its oriental cousin : the « melisma ».
But this project also has a visual dimension, as « Oriental Blue » also designates a color : the « ultramarine » blue, made from the Lapis-Lazuli, a precious stone. prized by painters and jewellers since antiquity for its intensity.
Distinguished by an acoustic and intimate format, the Samuel Bonnet Quartet has performed concerts and tours in Canada, the United States and Israel, and won a « Coup de Coeur Vision Diversity / Place Arts Prize » at the Montreal’s 2015 Vision Di- versity showcase, and has been selected, among 9 pan-Canadian emerging band, to be part of the 2016 Grand Prix Jazz TD competition, playing an outdoor show at the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Samuel Bonnet // Bruno Lamarche // Fraser Hollins // Elli Miller-Maboungou

#Jazz #World Jazz

Luc Herrmann Group

Montreal based modern jazz quartet, led by guitarist Luc Herrmann. The band demonstrates great comraderie and a high level of adrenaline while performing these deeply melodic compositions.

Luc Herrmann - guitar // Jules Payette - alto sax // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums


The Beignets

Filled with the restorative POWER of TIGER GLANDS, the strength of a HURRICANE, and the BEAUTY of the TAJ MAHAL at midnight; the SWINGING SOUNDS of The Beignets cannot be denied. Feel WHOLE once again, as your SPIRIT returns to Bourbon Street, and your HEART SINGS with the JOY that only the JAZZ of The BEIGNETS can bring.

Lex French - trumpet // Dave Ryshpan - piano

#Jazz #New Orleans

Pierre Hache Quartet

Inspired by his background in classical guitar, Pierre's composicions are bluesy and expressive. Come hear this new high energy quartet bring these tunes to life!

Pierre Hache - drums // Dalhi Gonthier - tenor sax // Chris Tauchner - piano // Levi Dover - bass

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Resonance Reading Series

An excellent night of contemporary poetry and prose readings.

Joni Murphy, Robin Richardson, Erin Robinsong, Laura Legge, Adam Zachary


Beyond the Concert Stage: Classical Piano Night


Ethan Cohn & The Dark Side

Brand new band... Brand new music... Join us...

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Clio Em - GRAVITY WING Book + Album Launch

Gravity Wing is a science fiction love story by Clio Em, told through a novel and live soundtrack intertwining classical, folk, and electronic music. Illustrations and films by Hali Rey deepen the atmosphere of a newly created world. STORY Isabel is offered an artistic residency on the colony planet of New Canada, but beginning again on a new world proves difficult. Unexpectedly invited to a lavish society event by the taciturn Serge, she is swept off her feet under an unfamiliar sky. As Isabel and Serge dance in a sci-fi minuet around their feelings, they face the full force of the young planet's rigid social expectations.

Clio Em - voice, guitar, piano, electronics // Mercy Lamola - vocal harmonies // Dominic Guilbault - violin // Stefano Saykaly - reading // Dean Garlick - opening reading

#Classical #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal #Electronic #Poetry #science fiction

Adolescence (Toronto)

Adolescence can not be classified under a genre. It is a musical exploration, with compositions inspired by Harrison's youth. The music consists of a combination of traditional notation and selected pictures taken by Harrison. The pictures serve as a vehicle for spontaneous composition while the performer is not locked into the traditional notation. The listener will be taken on an atmospheric journey.

Harry Vetro - drums + compositions // Emily Denison - trumpet // Harrison Argatoff - saxophone // Jacob Thompson - piano // Dan Pitt - guitar // Meghan Gilhespy - vocals


Mondayz Quartet

Mondays Quartet plays original material and reinterpretations of tunes from jazz and latin repertoire.

Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier - piano // Pablo Bonacina - guitar // Christophe Papadimitriou - double bass // Mathieu Brami - percussions

#Jazz #Original

Reno De Stefano Trio

The Reno De Stefano Trio will be presenting a varied repertoire including new original compositions and standards, as well as tunes by Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Kurt Rosenwinkle, and Kenny Wheeler. -De Stefano (guitar), Dave Watts (bass), Camil Belisle (drums).

Reno De Stefano - guitar

#Jazz #Original #Standards

Annie Dominique Quintet

Featuring talented musicians, Annie Dominique will present her latest compositions. The sound is a warm blend of modern jazz that can brew with a fiery intensity as well leave room for softer, more introspective moments.

Annie Dominique - tenor sax, bass clarinet // Jean-Nicolas Trottier - trombone // Jonathan Cayer - piano // Sébastien Pellerin - bass // Alain Bourgeois - drums


Alex Lefaivre Quartet feat. Rafael Zaldivar, Samuel Blais and Al Bourgeois

Led by electric bass player Alex Lefaivre, this new quartet will feature some of Montreal's most original improvisational voices. This first meeting of the minds will focus mostly on jazz standards as well as select covers a few originals.

Alex Lefaivre - electric bass // Rafael Zaldivar - piano // Samuel Blais - alto sax // Al Bourgeois - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

100% Project Vol. 2

100% Original music written specifically for this band, specifically for this night and never to be played again!

Donny Kennedy - alto sax // Sam Kirmayer - guitar // Dave Watts - bass // Noam Guerrier-Freud - drums // Nic Gaumond - compositions

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

The K-T Quintet live at Café Résonance

A mix of standards and original compositions, with a focus on group improvisation.

Greg Kustka-Tsimbidis - drums // Sarah Rossy - voice // René Zeledon - tenor saxophone // James Parm - guitar // Jonathan Chapman - bass

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental #Vocal

Chris Maskell Quartet

Chris Maskell is an emerging voice in the Montreal and Ottawa jazz scenes. As a recent graduate of McGill’s jazz program, he’s had the chance to study with saxophonists such as Donny Kennedy, Frank Lozano and Rémi Bolduc. At this performance, his group will present a mix of original music and jazz standards.

Chris Maskell - saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Jonathan Chapman - bass // William Machado - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Aaron Shragge & Innocent When You Dream CD Launh

Innocent When You Dream brings a new element to Waits' music while remaining true to its essence. The quintet interprets Waits' stylistically diverse repertoire by creating instrumental versions of his most memorable songs. Using lyrical content and mood as the starting point for exploration, the band moves beyond the realm of covers creating a distinctive sound that draws from Jazz, rock, blues, World music and the avant-garde. The quintet regularly performs in NY area, LA and has been featured at notable Jazz clubs: The B-Flat (Berlin), Upstairs (Montreal) and The Rex (Toronto). Their first record Celebrating The Music of Tom Waits was release on Jazz Collective Records (2010) and their second recording Dirt In The Ground will be available May 2017.

Aaron Shragge - trumpet/shakuhachi // Ted Crosby - tenor sax // Steve Raegele - guitar // Joe Grass - pedal steel guitar // Dan Fortin - bass // Nico Dann - drums

#Jazz #Experimental #Instrumental #Music of Tom Waits

Joshua Rager Quartet Plays the music of Cedar Walton

The music of Cedar Walton spans many historic decades. From Art Blakey, and Billy Higgins to Eastern Rebellion, Walton contributed compositions considered today to be modern jazz classics. Up until the year of his death in 2013, Walton was a stalwart performer as both a bandleader and sideman. The music featured this evening will be some of his classics as well as little known gems.

Joshua Rager - piano // Dan Faulk - saxophone // Alec Walkington - bass // Dave Laing - drums


Matt Schultz/Donny Kennedy

Matt Schultz - guitar // Donny Kennedy - alto sax


Liberté Big Band

Led by Liberté-Anne Lymberiou, this modern, multi-generational big band plays original compositions by Lymberiou. As it’s name would indicate, the band’s broad mission is to constantly perform new works while maintaining the all-encompassing creativity and communality of the jazz tradition. You’ll hear pieces ranging from Afro-Latin to free-jazz, bebop to funk, and lots more that even the bandleader has yet to anticipate. Greatly influenced by Charles Mingus, Lymberiou captures the spontaneity and unpredictability of jazz through extended compositions. The moods of the music swing as much as the rhythms do, and inevitably move her audiences, both inside and out. It’s fair to say that Lymberiou has proved herself well, as four-time Grammy award-winning pianist, composer and founder of the NYC Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, Arturo O’ Farrill proclaimed that: Liberté-Anne is the real deal. She exudes creativity, chance taking and originality. Her voice as a composer is unique and must be heard. She is one bad Mama Jama! Lymberiou spent nearly 5 years in New York City, where she formed the big band. However, in a strange and unfortunate turn of events, after paying a quick visit back to family in Montreal, she was forced by US immigration laws to remain in her native land. Having said this, the bandleader has managed to find a silver lining in this shocking and absurd situation, and is now taking up the challenge to build a Montreal edition of the Liberté Big Band, which you will hear on this date.

Liberté-Anne Lymberiou - piano

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Funk #Experimental Big Band

Brittany-MTL Connection

Frederic BBriet - bass // Christophe Rocher - clarinet // Evan Tighe - drums/electronics

#Jazz #Experimental #Instrumental #improvisation

Pax Trio - Tevet Sela/Guillaume Martineau/Joannie Labelle

Pax ('peace' in Latin) represents the coexistence of different cultures in harmony. The Pax Trio offers a celebration of rhythms and melodies influenced by African, Middle-Eastern, Klezmer and other traditions played by three unique musicians: Guillaume Martineau: 2015-2016 'Revelation Radio Canada' in Jazz and also winner of first prize at the Canadian Music Competition in classical piano. Guillaume is a creative and versatile pianist, incorporating influences from a wide range of musical genres and styles into his virtuosic playing. Tevet Sela: The native Israeli saxophonist has incorporated into his language a variety of influences from the Middle-East, Africa and Eastern Europe while having integrated American blues in all its depth. Joannie Labelle: Known for her sensibility and her viral groove, can charm an audience as soon as her fingers strike the drums. Joannie has been active on local and international scenes, and adds her touch with various renowned artists (Lara Fabian, Marie-Josée Lord, Les Trois Accords, Belle et Bum, Le Show du Refuge).

Guillaume Martineau - piano // Tevet Sela - saxophone // Joannie Labelle - percussion

#Jazz #Instrumental #World - Klezmer/African

Pravin Thompson/Jarrett Walser Trio

Pravin Thompson is an International Jazz Guitarist based in New York City. Originally from South Plainfield New Jersey, Pravin began studying guitar at age 10 after years of watching his older brother play. He quickly began playing in local rock bands and school ensembles where he was first exposed to jazz. After graduating, Pravin attending New Jersey City University and majored in Jazz studies. Through the school he has performed with Allen Farnham, Joel Weiskopf, Paul Meyers, Nate Eklund, Bob Malach, and Pete McGuinness.! ! In 2014, Pravin graduated from NJCU and released a 6 track EP entitled “Identity,” featuring all original compositions. Grabbing influences everywhere from Miles Davis to Smashing Pumpkins, “Identity” is a blend of Rock and Jazz. Singer-Songwriter like melodies, along with improvisation and heavy band interaction.! ! Since releasing “Identity” Pravin has relocated to Brooklyn where he maintains a busy performing schedule as a side-man and leader. ShapeShifter Lab, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, Kava Shteeble, Pete’s Candy Store, The Shrine, Silvana, Bar Next Door, are some of the of local venues he Performs at regularly. He has also played in Resonance Cafe and Upstairs Jazz Lounge in Montreal, Canada.! ! Pravin also plays in many large ensembles. Frequently subbing in bands such as Big Beat, Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Jazz Orchestra, Pangean Orchestra, New Generation Theater Company, and Brillbird/Jessica Ackerley: Double Trio ensemble. Pravin was apart of the “Super: The Musical” ensemble, which was performed during 2016’s NYC Fringe Festival and won the “Overall excellence” award. Jarrett Walser began his musical journey at the age of three but his love for jazz began at the age of 11 when he started studying at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s (NJPAC) Wachovia Jazz for Teens program. During his 7 years at NJPAC, he had the fortunate opportunity to study with jazz greats such as Ralph Peterson, Cecil Brooks III and Dion Parson. After his studies at NJPAC, he continued to pursue his passion for music at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, where he received his B.A. in Jazz Performance. While there he was able to study with world class musicians Victor Lewis, Ralph Bowen and Conrad Herwig to name a few. Over the years, Jarrett Walser has performed with various groups at numerous venues and occasions including performances at the Iridium, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Victoria Theater at New Jersey Performing Arts Center, WBGO Jazz Vespers, Trumpets, Chico’s, the Blue Note, Blues Alley and Carnegie Hall. Jarrett plans to focus on his life long passion of playing music and expressing the richness of jazz in his artistry as a drummer.

Pravin Thompson - guitar/compositions // Jarrett Walser - drum/compositions

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Chris McCarthy's Sonder Album Release Show

Respected keyboardist and Seattle native, Chris McCarthy is releasing his highly-anticipated, intricate album “Sonder,” out on Red Piano Records. This show at Resonance Cafe is the band's Montreal debut. Sonder is a product of something truly special. It's a collection of originals and covers ranging from indie champions Deerhoof to The Beatles, and classic soul singer Irma Thomas to Thelonious Monk. McCarthy's band is comprised of four of the most exciting young jazz musicians on the east coast scene today: Max Light on guitar, JK Kim on drums, Carrie Furniss on voice, and Simon Willson on bass. The rhythm section has been playing regularly with renowned trumpeter Jason Palmer's group in Boston for several years, and while many of the songs are in the rock/pop idiom, improvisation still pays a crucial role in the record.

Chris McCarthy - piano // Carrie Furniss - voice // Max Light - guitar // Simon Willson - bass // JK Kim - drums

#Jazz #Original #Vocal #Poetry

GIGANTOSAURUS REX - Everything is R3d Tour

GIGANTOSAURUS REX incites with sound what their name suggests, but rather than one that overwhelms an audience, the sound that they create is one that’s inviting—huge and enveloping, and relentless in groove.

GIGANTOSAURUS REX - drums & effect, keyboards, bass

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic #Funk #noisewave

Jeannette & Michel Lambert with Reg Schwager

Join us as we launch Reg Schwager's new cd Songbooks with a performance of his latest vocal jazz compositions. We'll also continue our exploration of melodic poetry with free jazz. The evening will feature evocative vocals, masterful guitar and expressive drumming.

Jeannette Lambert - voice // Michel Lambert - drums // Reg Schwager - guitar

#Jazz #Vocal #Poetry

Kaufmann/Lillinger/Landfermann : grünen

The Berlin-based trio grünen (“the greening”) was formed in 2009. Their first – completely improvised – encounter was recorded and subsequently released by Clean Feed Records. For their second disc, the trio mixed spontaneous improv with some predetermined structures – taking new turns with written material, some of it rhythmically quite intricate and/or evoking images of surrealistic jazz and song: a strategy the three have adopted for their highly unpredictable concert performances as well. On the occasion of Achim Kaufmann's receiving the Albert Mangelsdorff award, grünen performed at the Berlin Jazz Fest in November 2015. “They create something new with a ‘traditional’ piano trio, with a high level of musicality and creativity. These three artists do not play music, they are music.” Stef Gijssels – Free Jazz Blog

Achim Kaufmann - piano // Robert Landfermann - double bass // Christian Lillinger - drums and percussion

#Jazz #Experimental

Sandcatchers: oud meets lap steel

SANDCATCHERS is a quartet with Yoshie Fruchter, Myk Freedman, Michael Bates and Yonadav Halevy - a fresh sound blending the middle eastern trope of the oud with the dreamy, americana infused textures of the steel. Featuring original music by Fruchter inspired both by maqam and the Appalachian trail, Sandcatchers is a beautiful collaboration of sound and souls.

Sandcatchers - oud/lap steel // Yoni Kaston - clarinet

#Original #Instrumental #middle eastern Americana

JMQ - aka: Jeffrey May Quartet

JMQ, featuring Jeffrey May’s jazz flute and the dynamic rhythm section of Joe Ferracuti on piano, Sage Reynolds on bass, and Pierre Haché on drums, brings a fresh new sound to the standard jazz répertoire. This music is designed to brighten your day!

Jeffrey May - flute // Joe Ferracuti - piano // Sage Reynolds - bass // Pierre Haché - drums


Andrew Downing's Otterville

Otterville is Andrew Downing’s foray into the complex simplicity of his ancestral Tobacco Belt lineage. The music is nostalgic, evocative, peaceful and humourous, finding influence from Kurt Weill, Billy Strayhorn, Erik Satie and Bill Frisell. The magical layering of lap steel guitar, vibraphone, cello, saxophone, bass and drums creates the backdrop for the subtleness of the music to quietly squeeze the listener into emotional submission. The group’s debut double CD, simply called Otterville, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. Andrew Downing (cello), Michael Davidson (vibraphone), Christine Bougie (lap steel guitar), Allison Au (alto saxophone), Andrew Miller (drums), Michael Smith (bass)

Andrew Downing - cello

#Original #quiet folk jazz

Adam Birnbaum Trio

The Adam Birnbaum Trio plays a mix of originals and classic standards interpreted in a modern jazz style. The group features Luke Sellick on bass and Dan Aran on drums.

Adam Birnbaum - piano


Jazz brésilien avec Rodrigo Simoes Quatuor

Rodrigo Simoes - guitar

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #jazz brésilien #brazilian jazz

James Bayford Quartet at Resonance Cafe

Jazz standards with a modern flair. The group is led by James Bayford, a recent Humber College Graduate. This show is one of many as part of his July Full Steam Ahead Tour - which features local rhythm sections as he travels from Coast to Coast by train.

James Bayford - tenor saxophone // Chris Edmondson - alto saxophone // TBD - bass // TBD - drums

#Jazz #Standards

Chris Maskell Quartet

Chris Maskell is an emerging voice in the Montreal and Ottawa jazz scenes. As a recent graduate of McGill’s jazz program, he’s had the chance to study with saxophonists such as Donny Kennedy, Frank Lozano and Rémi Bolduc. At this performance, his group will present a mix of original music and jazz standards.

Chris Maskell - saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Jonathan Chapman - bass // William Machado - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental