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Parker Shper

Beyond the Concert Stage: Classical Piano Night

La Verdine - La Belle Epoque

La Verdine is a gypsy jazz quartet founded in 2015 by rench and french canadian musicians. The band plays the traditional music of Django Reinhardt and compose original music influenced by modern jazz and classical contemporary music.

La Verdine - violin, two guitar manouche, doublebass

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Gypsy Jazz

Ensemble de Magnac

ENSEMBLE DEMAGNAC features original jazz compositions for six horns and rhythm section, including a vocalist and vibraphone on selected numbers. What's with the name? Well, it is my second middle name. Does it have to do with 'maniac'? Perhaps, but more importantly it refers to part of my heritage which, to this day, remains somewhat obscure to me. Magnac (say 'Cognac' and you'll know how to pronounce it) is a region in central France and my connection is with people, known as the Huguenots, who presumably came from that region and later fled worldwide from the 1500s and onwards, some of whom went to England and Ireland. The name was later anglicized as Magniac (my paternal grandmother's maiden name), and my parents gave me DEMAGNAC - a name which continues to befuddle administrators in civic offices. I am still not sure whether it should be 'de Magnac' or 'De Magnac', or 'Demagnac'. What does it matter anyway, right? Well, what does matter to me is imagining the struggle, resistance and perseverance of the Huguenots, an ethno-religious minority who suffered persecution and alienation for their convictions. Protest, rebellion, fighting for recognition/autonomy as well as seeking refuge have been recurring themes for me - often occupying my thoughts as of late. These themes have been sources of inspiration for the music I find myself writing. It is not something planned. I don't know how long it will last. But as long as it does, I am excited to share it with you, the audience. I especially thank the musicians involved, as listed below, for their excellence in musicianship and improvising. They bring life and soul to the notes. I present these concerts (PREMIERE & MASTER'S RECITAL) in honour of my Dad, V.J.R. Bailey who encouraged me to go further with my music when I was letting up. He recently passed away on April 12th but still feels very much present in spirit.

Sebastian Bailey - alto sax // Al McLean - tenor sax // Benjamin Deschamps - bari sax // Lex French - trumpet // Rémi Cormier - trumpet // Édouard Touchette - trombone // David Ryshpan - piano // Julian Jayme - guitar // Solon McDade - bass // Michel Berthiaume - drums // Renée Yoxon - vocals


Andres Vial & Friends

Matt Choboter Band //ALBUM RELEASE//

The quintet navigates original compositions exploring varied rhythmic and harmonic frameworks. Concepts of recession and growth, varied dialogue between spontaneity and intricate composition, time experienced on both the micro and macro levels and polyrhythmic interactions with the goal of highly subjective perceptual flexibility. Informed by Carnatic rhythmic ideas, of how time and space can be experienced with great accuracy by way of interacting large-scale and small-scale frameworks. The goal to infuse multi-cultural musical practices and procedures into a Canadian Jazz context.

matt choboter - piano // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Maxime Rhealt-Trembley - guitar // Cole Birney-Stewart - double-bass // Andrew Thomson - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #eclectic jazz

Kevin Dean & Friends

John Buck Quartet

John Buck is celebrating the end of his bachelor's degree at McGill. This project brings together collaborators old and new to present an evening of his original music as well as select jazz standards from the likes of John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Thelonious Monk.

John Buck - drumset // Alex Francoeur - tenor saxophone // Ethan Cohn - acoustic bass // Alec Schulman - piano

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Sam Eastman Etc.

Sam Eastman is an acoustic musician embarking on a new sound with his current project, Sam Eastman Etc. Previously active only as a solo artist, Eastman has assembled this band to support new material heavily inspired by such artists as Bill Frisell and Leo Kottke.

Sam Eastman - guitar // Ian Mills - bass // Rafa Aslan - drums

#Jazz #Instrumental #Folk #Acoustic #New Age

Kalmunity Music Week (Dinner & Jazz)

Zach Frampton Trio

Thad Jones Tribute Big Band

This is a tribute to the best big band composer of all times: Thad Jones!

#Jazz #Standards #Instrumental #Big Band

Ethan Cohn Composition Residency

Please join us for the month of May, Where Ethan writes a piece each day. Each Tuesday is a world premiere... He hopes the sounds will please your ears.

#Jazz #Classical #Original #Experimental

Mardi Spaghetti

Mardi Spaghetti is an improvised music series happening in Montreal since 2008! www.mardispaghetti.blogspot.com 9pm Emilie Fortin :: trumpet Charlotte Layec :: clarinettes 10pm Isaiah Ceccarelli :: drums, voice Susanna Hood :: voice Viviane Houle :: voice

Emilie Fortin - trumpet // Charlotte Layec - clarinets // Isaiah Ceccarelli - drums, voice // Susanna Hood - voice // Viviane Houle - voice

#Creative/Improvised Music

Parker Shper

Jeremy Sandfelder Quartet

Join us for an evening of classic jazz as we play a collection of tunes from the American songbook and more!

Jeremy Sandfelder - tenor saxophone // Samuel Jacques - piano // Etienne Beausoleil - bass // Baptiste Lejeune - drums



Playing jazz standards as well as original music.

Richard White - guitar // Rémi-Jean LeBlanc - bass // Marc Gautreau - drums


Maxime Tremblay-Rheault

An evening of old and new tunes by Max Mathieu Simon and LV, instrumental experimentation and perhaps a standard or two.

Maxime Tremblay-Rheault - guitar // Mathieu McConnell - bass // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

#Jazz #Original

Andres Vial & Friends

Extended Family - New residency(n.16) at Résonance

A collective of improvisers brought together by Montreal piano and keyboard player, Gabriel Vinuela. The soaring melodies, inspired tinkering and contagious grooves are omnipresent. The ensemble focuses on creating live beats and grooves inspired by electronic music, jazz, hiphop and rock. Each session is 100% improvised.

Gabriel Vinuela - keys+electronics // Olivier Salazar - vibes // Noam Arturo Guerrier-Freud - drums // Alex Lefaivre - bass + fx

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic

Anjalirose; Thanya Iyer

Anjalirose is the solo project of singer-songwriter Anjali R Kumar that melds guitar, piano, and vocal improvisations to create an indie-an fusion of sound. Thanya Iyer: In the year MMXII, they began recording in a church with a moldy ceiling, a moldy basement, and of course a bedroom (occasional bathroom) made out of pews. “Do You Dream?” is an experiment of experimentation and songs coming together. Some might call it “songmentation”. Or even, if you look at it as experimentation + songs augmenting each other you might say “Saugmentation”.

Anjalirose - voice, piano, guitar, loop pedal // Thanya Iyer - synth, bass, drums, voice

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Vocal #alternative

Richard White Quartet

The quartet will play a mix of original music and jazz standards.

Richard White - guitar // Kate Wyatt - piano // Adrian Vedady - bass // Jim Doxas - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Experimental #Instrumental

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Zach Frampton Trio

Zach Fischer Quintet

Originally from Philadelphia, guitarist and composer Zach Fischer is an upcoming musician on the Montréal jazz scene. Drawn to the guitar at an early age, Fischer has studied guitar with Ben Monder, Dave Manley, Greg Amirault and Kevin Hanson, as well as improvisation in general with Erik Hove, Christine Jensen and Frank Lozano. Fischer has performed with some of America and Canada’s finest jazz musicians, including Kevin Dean, Fraser Hollins, Dave Laing, Mike Rud, Jaleel Shaw, John Stowell and Matt Mitchell among others. Zach is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at McGill University.

Zach Fischer - guitar // Chris Maskell - tenor saxophone // Matt Choboter - piano // Alex Le Blanc - bass // William Machado - drums


Ethan Cohn Composition Residency

Please join us for the month of May, Where Ethan writes a piece each day. Each Tuesday is a world premiere... He hopes the sounds will please your ears.

#Jazz #Classical #Original #Experimental

Taylor Donaldson Big Band

Parker Shper

Jason Davis and Earthsound

Jason Davis is an in-demand jazz, world music, and classical bassist from Boston, Massachusetts. Known for his virtuosity, swing, and creativity, he has presented his music at the Montreal Jazz Festival and other renowned venues in the US, Europe, and Latin America. At Diese Onze he leads the Montreal version of his award-winning ensemble Earthsound, which fuses original jazz and improvised music with recorded sound from the natural world. The group has been described as an “unforgettable sonic adventure” by the Boston Globe.

Jason Davis - bass // Erik Hove - saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Guillaume Pilote - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #World Music #Environmental Sound

Ben Isenstein

Los Papis Last Hurrah

Isis Giraldo - piano/synth // Adam Kinner - sax // Martin Heslop - bass // Liam O'Neill - drums

Andres Vial & Friends

concert Corazón de Robota

corazón de robota presents a retro- technological and techno-manual perspective in the creation of low cost sound artifacts, built with low tech, waste, boxes of chocolates and electronic recycling. In this sound performance, the set consists only of synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, filters, distortions handmade, incorporating errors and electronic aberrations. The arrangement of the devices is not fixed, the instruments that make up the set, are modules (non-standard, not euro) interconnected by cables, so that the route that the signals can take is always different, leading to a chaotic organization of textures, feedbacks and random patterns that are set up live to explore the rhythmic dimensions of noise. Thus, the different generated sonorities go through the spectrum of audible and inaudible frequencies, leading us to a sensory journey of physical perceptions, vibrations, frequencies and demodulation of cosmic messages. All Corazón de Robota's devices are built under the philosophy electronic anarchy and open source hardware and can be found on the web www.corazonderobota.wordpress.com

corazón de robota - synthesizer

#Experimental #Electronic #noise

Kevin Dean & Friends

Kate Wyatt Quartet

Kate Wyatt - piano // Erik Hove - sax // Adrian Vedady - bass // Guilaume Pilote - drums

#Jazz #Original

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Zach Frampton Trio

Chris Maskell Group

Chris Maskell is an emerging voice in the Montreal and Ottawa jazz scenes. A recent graduate of McGill’s jazz program, he’s performed with Petr Cancura, Peter Hum and Min Rager, among others.

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Ethan Cohn Composition Residency

Please join us for the month of May, Where Ethan writes a piece each day. Each Tuesday is a world premiere... He hopes the sounds will please your ears.

#Jazz #Classical #Original #Experimental

The Improv Workshop Project

The Improvisation Workshop Project (IWP) brings together musicians of all backgrounds and experience levels (students and professional musicians, jazz and classical) to explore the tradition of jazz as “improvised chamber music” based on collective improvisation.

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Parker Shper

La Alianza Carmona

Edwin // Chris

improvised soundscapes by Chris and Edwin

Edwin de Goeij - synthesizers // Chris Edmondson - saxophones, samplers

#Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic

Marianne Trudel conducts Cégep de Saint-Laurent BIg BAND

A big band celebration! Come and hear the wonderful young music talents of Cegep de Saint-Laurent interpreting Thad Jones, Charles Mingus, Count Basie, Bob Brookmeyer, etc... (Marianne Trudel, conductor)

Marianne Trudel // Big band Cégep de Saint-Laurent


Andres Vial & Friends

Marc-Andre Seguin Second Chances Album Launch

Guitarist Marc-Andre Seguin launches his debut album Second Chances with some of the most inspiring musicians in Montreal. This engaging and vibrant quartet brings you a night of Seguin's originals and a new take on well-known standards.

Marc-Andre Seguin - guitar // Frank Lozano - tenor sax // Clinton Ryder - bass // Claude Lavergne - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards

Kevin Dean & Friends

Mike Bjella & Company

Mke Bjella returns to Montreal to play music with dear friends.

#mango tree music

Ensemble Atlantica and 3G Percussion Collaborative Tour

A collaborative tour of Ensemble Atlantica and 3G percussion. This will be an evening of introspective and evocative sounds. From small percussion formations to operatic singing EA and 3G will join together to present a concert of new music by emerging Canadian and International composers.

Jossée MacInnis - clarinet // Pascal Bard - saxophone // Monique Aubé - flute // Sara De Niverville - viola // Francisco Barradas - violin // Susan Dworkin - soprano // Baptiste Boiron - conductor // Sarek Gutierrez - percussion // Jacob Gutierrez - percussion // Zach Gutierrez - percussion

#Classical #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Electronic #Contemporary Chamber Music

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Zach Frampton Trio

An evening of German and English vocal works/Une soirée de musique allemande et anglaise

A program of German and English music spanning centuries, including classics from composers such as Schubert and Dvorjak and texts from Goethe and Shakespeare with a few modern-day musical twists that are sure to peak anyone's interest.

Carol Léger - soprano // Nicole Lorenz - piano

#Classical #Vocal

Ethan Cohn Composition Residency

Please join us for the month of May, Where Ethan writes a piece each day. Each Tuesday is a world premiere... He hopes the sounds will please your ears.

#Jazz #Classical #Original #Experimental

Mardi Spaghetti

Parker Shper

Perfect Perfect and The Lifers

The Sisterhood of Sound is a collaborative project between The Lifers and Annie Sumi. Weaving intricate vocal melodies into a bed of instrumentation, this project is a harmony driven ethereal-art-folk collective. Playing with themes of love, landscape, and human existence, the Sisterhood of Sound reaches into the audience and evokes deep emotion. Perfect Perfect is the culmination of a creative project meant to pay tribute to the Dustbowl and traditional Americana music. Interaction between the guitar, upright bass and drums gives life to this form of contemporary impressionistic folk music. Improvisation and the sonic space in which the group operates create the ideal environment for the flourishing of a post-Steinbeckian atmosphere.

Zach Bachand - guitar // Alex K.S. - bass // Eric Maillet - drums // Annie Sumi - guitar, vocals // Liv Cazzola - accordion, ukulele, vocals // Anita Cazzola - electric guitar, vocals // Jill Sauerteig - cello, vocals

#Jazz #Folk

Mike Bruzzese Quartet

Mike Bruzzese - guitar // Marie Fatima Rudolf - piano // Jonny Chapman - bass // André White - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards

Lexiglass (NYC)

Lexiglass is an improvising, instrumental hip hop group from NYC, featuring keyboardist Alexis Marcelo (Yusef Lateef, Malcolm Mooney, Mike Pride) and drummer Will Glass (Lonnie Holley, Dirty Projectors, Shalabi Effect). Created as a backing band for MCs at uptown hip hop shows, their sound incorporates a beat-making aesthetic, the source material which classic hip hop samples, and the close listening found in free improvisation. Their analog Cubetazo mixtape series has paid tribute to A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Nas, Madlib and Biz Markie, and their live shows have featured guest spots from the legendary Bronx MC T La Rock, the avant-garde hero multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter, and the late, great David Bowie drummer Dennis Davis.

Alexis Marcelo - piano, synth // Will Glass - drums

#Experimental #Instrumental #hip hop

Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra Featuring Noah Preminger and Frank Carlberg

Daniel Hersog is a Vancouver based composer, arranger and trumpet player. His big band music has been performed all across Canada and the United States. Tonight, he is flanked by an all-star cast of Montreal’s finest jazz musicians. This Concert will feature New York City Saxophone Virtuoso Noah Preminger and NYC Pianist Frank Carlberg. Daniel Hersog’s Jazz Orchestra features stellar ensemble playing, fiery solos and beautiful improvised moments. Seize the opportunity to experience this novel and daring musical event. Noah Preminger has performed on key stages from the United States to Europe and Australia, and he has played and/or recorded with the likes of Billy Hart, Dave Holland, John Patitucci, Fred Hersch, Dave Douglas, Rob Garcia, Joe Lovano, Victor Lewis, John and Bucky Pizzarelli, Cecil McBee, George Cables, Roscoe Mitchell, and Dr. Eddie Henderson. Frank Carlberg is one of today’s most compelling pianists and composers. He has performed extensively with such jazz luminaries as Kenny Wheeler, Bob Brookmeyer and Steve Lacy. Frank’s recent large and small ensemble albums have received numerous rave reviews.

Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra - big band