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Andres Vial, Alec Walkington and Andre White

Andres Vial - piano // Alec Walkington - bass // Andre White - drums

#Jazz #Standards


Jazz standards and originals from your two favorite Vermont natives, Parker Shper and Ted Crosby, with the esteemed company of Martin Heslop on the bass and special guests!

Ted Crosby - saxophone // Parker Shper - piano // Martin Heslop - bass // ??????mystére?????? - drums?


Cobra 2017- Improv@Cirmmt@Cafe Resonance

Cobra(1984) by John Zorn Cobra is an unpublished but recorded and frequently performed musical composition by John Zorn that was conceived as a system with very detailed rules but with no pre-conceived sequence of events, or game piece, for a group of musical improvisers and a prompter. Zorn completed Cobra on October 9, 1984. The composition consists of a set of cues notated on cards, and rules corresponding to the cues that direct the players what to do. The number of players, instrumentation, and length of the piece is indeterminate. Because there is no traditional musical notation and the players improvise, the piece may sound radically different from performance to performance.

Musicians from CIRMMT - 14 instruments and electronics

#Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic #Game piece #Free Jazz

Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies

Original contemporary compositions, infused with improvisations that feature unexpected twists and turns, reveal the virtuosity and the cohesion of this promising quartet.

Lex French - trumpet // Colin Power - alto sax // Nicolas Bédard - upright bass // Mark Nelson - drums

#Jazz #Original

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

Kyle Hutchins Trio

This new trio explores open ended music and improvisation, inspired by silence, Steve Reich, and Paul Motian.

Kyle Hutchins - drums // Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Aime Duquet - guitar

#Avant-Garde Jazz

Brahja Waldman (solo)

Brahja Waldman : www.brahjawaldman.com

Brahja Waldman - sax, piano, synth

#Original #Instrumental

Resonance Reading Series


Emilio Reyna Quintet

Simon Millerd - trumpet // Ted Crosby - reeds // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Carlos Jimenez Trio

Carlos Jimenez - guitar // Dave Watts - bass // Michel Berthiaume - drums


Andres Vial, Andre White and Mike De Masi

Andres Vial - piano // Andre White - drums // Mike De Masi - bass

#Jazz #Standards

Extended Family New residency at Resonance

A collective of improvisers brought together by Montreal piano and keyboard player, Gabriel Vinuela. The soaring melodies, inspired tinkering and contagious grooves are omnipresent. The ensemble focuses on creating live beats and grooves inspired by electronic music, jazz, hiphop and rock. Each session is 100% improvised.

Gabriel Vinuela - key+electronics // Erik Hove - saxophone // Mark Nelson - drums // TBD - bass+fx

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Electronic

Altsys Jazz Orchestra Hommage à Gil Evans & Dave Holland

Altsys Jazz Orchestra presents a tribute to jazz masters Gil Evans & Dave Holland

Jennifer Bell - saxophone // Bill Mahar - trumpet // Frank Lozano - saxophone // Cam Wallis - saxophone // Jocelyn Couture - trumpet // Aron Doyle - trumpet // Jocelyn Veilleux - horn // Dave Grott - trombone // Christopher Smith - trombone // Kenny Bibace - guitar // Alec Walkington - bass // Michel Berthiaume - drums


Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

Andy Milne & Dapp Theory

Dapp Theory is a quintet that intersects the cross roads between lyrical jazz piano, funkified polyrhythmic exploration, and spoken word poeticism. Leader, pianist/composer Andy Milne has been a dynamic voice on the New York scene, leading diverse projects for more than 20 years. Dapp Theory seamlessly navigates the lines between jazz, heavy metal, hip-hop, Appalachian folk and classical music.

Andy Milne - piano // Aaron Kruziki - reeds // John Moon - vocal poetics // Chris Tordini - bass // Kenny Grohowski - drums

#Jazz #Original #Funk #Poetry

Cole Birney-Stewart Sextet @ Resonance Cafe

28 year-old bassist Cole Birney-Stewart leads a night of exciting & wide-ranging modern jazz. Drawing from jazz, classical, metal, pop and Indian music, diverse influences are absorbed into a fresh, homogeneous whole. The sextet format offers a large variety of textural and orchestral possibilities which are explored in new music written specifically for this band, as well as arrangements of previously existing material.

Cole Birney-Stewart - bass/compositions // Jules Payette - alto saxophone // Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Maxime Tremblay - guitar // Matt Choboter - piano // Andrew Thomson - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental


Hornet is a free-jazz ensemble that brings back the vibe of Ornette Coleman's music with a definitive touch of originality and modernism.

Jean-Francois Ouellet - alto sax // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drum // Lex French - trumpet // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass

#Jazz #Instrumental #free jazz

Latin-Cuban All Stars

Joe Sullivan 5tet

Joe Sullivan - trumpet // Yannik Rieu - saxophones // François Bourassa - piano // Adrian Vedady - bass // André White - drums


Carbou/Graham : IMPULSE + The VISIT

Thomas and Patrick share an almost telepathic rapport, blending spontaneous improvisation, electronic looping, Brazilian and Indian musical influences, to create both ecstatic groove pieces and dream-like soundscapes. The duo uses an array of instruments, including custom 8-string guitar, cuatro, bouzouki, cajon, frame drums, berimbau, udu and metal percussion that are augmented by hypnotic vocals & samplers. The Visit, comprised of cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne and vocalist Heather Sita Black, is a musical dialogue that transcends genres and idioms. Combining the structures and instrumentation of classical chamber music with the emotional and rhythmic weight of metal, their lengthy, through-composed pieces conjure sonic worlds in which listeners can immerse themselves. The duo has garnered virtually unanimous praise for their debut album Through Darkness Into Light, an almost impossibly beautiful release [...] that should appeal to fans of both metal and classical music.” Their performances at esteemed festivals such as Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, Nouvelle Prague in Prague, Czech Republic, and the 21C Festival in Toronto’s Koerner Hall have been met with overwhelmingly positive responses. With a rare combination of virtuosity, emotional intensity, and genre-defying innovation, The Visit is making their mark on the international stage as they forge a musical path all their own.

Thomas Carbou - 8-string guitar, vocal, loops & effects // Patrick Graham - frame drums & percussions // Raphael Weinroth-Browne - cello // Heather Sita Black - vocal

#Original #Experimental #Vocal

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

Nomad 10tet au Résonance Café

Original jazz music composed by members of the band that includes standard and modern aspects of jazz. The band takes its inspiration from many artists such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Mingus Big Band, Chick Corea, Snarky Puppy, etc.

Jonathan Benoit - trumpet // Laurianne Riopel-Fréchette - trumpet // Dominic Turcotte - alto saxophone // Arnaud Castonguay - tenor saxophone // Alexandre Lavoie - trombone // Hugo Leclerc - baritone saxophone // Jean-Christophe Lebel - electric guitar // Samuel Jacques - piano // Félix-Antoine Désy - electric bass // Yannick Decelles Gagnon - drums

#Jazz #Instrumental #Modern Jazz #Jazz Rock Fusion

Taylor Donaldson Big Band

Big band night! Standards and originals from our book - hope to see you there!

Taylor Donaldson - director / trombone // Benjamin Deschamps - alto sax // Jason Stillman - alto sax // Annie Dominique - tenor sax // Michael Johancsik - tenor sax // Philippe Coté - baritone sax // Dominic Rossi - trumpet // Andy King - trumpet // Lex French - trumpet // Nicolas Boulay - trumpet // David Martin - trombone // Oliver Hébert - trombone // Colin Lloyd - trombone // Jean-Sébastien Vachon - bass trombone // Jonathan Cayer - piano // Sebastien Pellerin - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #big band


The trio will play a selection of jazz standards and originals!

Félix Tellier Pouliot - guitar // Aaron Dolman - drums // Ethan Cohn - upright bass

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Modern Organ Quartet

Channeling the mighty jazz organists, from Jimmy Smith and Larry Young to Sam Yahel and Larry Goldings, the Modern Organ Quartet presents organ originals and standards from the 1960s to now. Jonathan Cayer joins forces with powerhouse trumpeter Lex French and dynamic guitarist Nicolas Ferron while the ineffable Jim Doxas rounds out the group on drums.

Lex French - trumpet // Jo Cayer - hammond organ // Nicolas Ferron - electric guitar // Jim Doxas - drumset

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental #Organ Classics #60s Hardbop #Contemporary

Froots in Dakar: Black to the Future

Part of the Froots in Dakar 2017 fundraising series, Black to the Future will be showcasing some of MTL's rising talents hailing from continental African, while celebrating the diaspora as a whole. Headlined by Strange Froots, featuring Vanz (DRC) and Frank'emcy (Cameroon). Doors at 9pm. Entry 5-10$ sliding scale. For more information on the project, please visit www.gofundme.com/froots-in-dakar

Strange Froots // Vanz // Frank'emcy

#Original #Neo-Soul #Alternative Hip-hop

Thomas Morelli-Bernard 12 tet

Tradiational cuban rythms and songs fuzioned with a jazz big band

#Afro-Cuban Jazz

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

Simon Millerd +Emma Frank Band

After recording on each other's solo albums in the Fall of 2016, Simon and Emma collaborate to play the same music live. Featuring Tommy Crane from NYC.

Emma Frank - vocals // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Isis Giraldo - piano // Jake Wiens - guitar // Martin Helsop - bass // Tommy Crane - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal

The Dave Gossage Septet

Original Jazz

dave gossage - flute // Samuel Blais - alto/baritone sax // Richard Irwin - drums // Adrian Vedady - bass // David Osei-Afrifa - keys // Frank Lozano - tenor sax // Rich White - guitar


Beyond the Concert Stage: Classical Piano Night


The Maggie Keogh Trio

The Maggie Keogh Trio is made up of three McGill jazz students; Matt Schultz, Ethan Cohn, and Maggie Keogh. They are a relatively new group and will be playing mostly standards with the addition of some folk songs.

Ethan Cohn - bass // Matt Schultz - guitar // Maggie Keogh - voice


Chronicle Infinitas feat. Peggy Lee

Blending classical chamber music and and jazz in a seamless, timeless blend devoted to blissful vibrations and serene atmospheres, Chronicle Infinitas meditates and levitates, lifting everyone else along with them. Peggy Lee is a world reknowned cellist from Vancouver, performing for the first time at Cafe Resonance. Early set (6-8pm)!!!

Mike Bjella - saxophone/clarinet // Peggy Lee - cello // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Anh Phung - flute // +more!?

#Jazz #Classical #Original #Instrumental


Togetherness! was formed through a chance meeting of musicians from Cape Town and Montreal with a mutual love for jazz music of South Africa. This special music combines kwela, gospel, jazz and the avant gard. We play the music of Abdullah Ibrahim, Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Johnny Dyani, international sound travellers like Don Cherry and William Parker, and our own music too.

Ellwood Epps - trumpet // Scott Thomson - trombone // Erik Hove - alto saxophone // Stephane Diamantakiou - double bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums


Scott Bevins Group

SBG is inspired by cats, dogs, memes and feelings. Compositions emphasizing melody and anchored with grooves influenced by hip-hop, postbop, and electronic music.

Scott Bevins - trumpet // Evan Shay - saxophone // Eric Haynes - keyboards // Stephane Krims - electric bass // Kyle Hutchins - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

Mike Bruzzese Quartet

Guitarist Mike Bruzzese teams up with the burning rhythm section of Will Kjeer on Piano, Dave Watts on bass, and André White on drums. A night of creative and swinging music.

Mike Bruzzese - guitar // Will Kjeer - piano // Dave Watts - bass // André White - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards

EP Quintet

The EP quintet is a group who play Elisabeth Provencher's compositions. It style is modern jazz. They play together since a few years. M

Elisabeth Provencher - saxophone // Benjamin Cordeau - trompet // Alexis Elina - piano // François Archambault - bass // Noam Guerrier-Freud - drum

#Jazz #Modern jazz

Proper Trio

Proper Trio has been playing in Montreal for two years and together they have been exploring the worlds of jazz, blues and latin music.
Two sets of music, first set starting at 6pm.

Jordan Bechtel - piano // Lucas Brisson - upright bass // Joe Alam - drums

#Jazz #Standards #Instrumental

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

B's Bees

Come watch the group perform all new compositions and arrangements, as well as a suite written by Brandon Goodwin.

Brandon Goodwin - drums // Wynston Minckler - bass // Joe Ferracuti - piano // Julien Sandiford - guitar // Masashi Usui - saxophone

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

The Bombadils - residency show #1

Canadian maritimer Luke Fraser and prairie-girl Sarah Frank share a love of folk songs and fiddle tunes. Drawing from the Canadian, American, and Celtic traditions, the two pour the spirit of story-telling and kitchen parties into their own writing. Luke brings guitar, mandolin and home-grown east coast vocals in harmony with Sarah’s singing, lyrical fiddle playing and claw-hammer banjo.

Sarah Frank - fiddle, banjo, voice // Luke Fraser - guitar, mandolin, voice

#folk / Celtic / bluegrass

Kennedy/Maskell Quintet

For their first-ever performance, this multi-generational group of Montreal jazz musicians will be playing lots of original music from members of the band and some favourite standards.

Donny Kennedy - alto saxophone // Chris Maskell - tenor saxophone // Min Rager - piano // Jonathan Chapman - bass // Dave Laing - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Lambert Grogg Lambert

This trio will perform a selection from Jeannette's extensive repertoire of original melodic poetry, including dream haiku and songs in translation. It's a chance to hear music from Michel's new cd release, Alom Mola.

Jeannette Lambert - voice // Alexandre Grogg - piano // Michel Lambert - drums

#Jazz #Vocal #Poetry #improvised

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

The Bombadils - residency show #2

Canadian maritimer Luke Fraser and prairie-girl Sarah Frank share a love of folk songs and fiddle tunes. Drawing from the Canadian, American, and Celtic traditions, the two pour the spirit of story-telling and kitchen parties into their own writing. Luke brings guitar, mandolin and home-grown east coast vocals in harmony with Sarah’s singing, lyrical fiddle playing and claw-hammer banjo.

Sarah Frank - fiddle, banjo, voice // Luke Fraser - guitar, mandolin, voice

#folk / Celtic / bluegrass

Samuel Cousineau Quartet

Samuel Cousineau - alto saxophone // Alex Francoeur - tenor saxophone // Mathieu McConnell - bass // Guillaume Pilote - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Simon Millerd Quintet feat. Mike Bjella and Isis Giraldo

Inspired by emotion and devotion, these lads might just make you shiver and quiver.

Simon Millerd - trumpet // Mike Bjella - tenor saxophone // Isis Giraldo - piano // Martin Helsop - bass // Greg Ritchie - drums

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Kalmunity Jazz Project

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Funk

St-Roch Quartet + 2

Active on the Quebec City jazz scene since 2012, the St-Roch Quartet released its first EP, Clocher Penché , in Quebec City and Montreal in April of 2015. The rich cultural scene of Quebec’s St-Roch neighbourhood was the main inspiration for Alexandre Leblanc (upright bass), Olivier Lepage-Applin (saxophone), Samuel Gaudreault (guitar) and Edouard Poliquin-Michaud (drums) for their four song EP. This first release offers an accessible instrumental jazz, where each song represents a distinctive trait of the neighbourhood. Since its inception, the main focus of the group has been to foster a rich interplay between each musician as well as to create a cohesive sound for each song. Their compositions are built so that a main idea evolves in each section of the song while emphasizing the improvisational talents of each of the musicians. As such, the group aims to captivate and surprise the listener all throughout the listening experience. In 2013 they took part in the semifinals of the Jazz en Rafale new talent contest, in 2014 they played at Beauport’s Jazz'art festival and in September 2015, they were awarded the first prize in the new talent category of the Festi Jazz International de Rimouski. This show will feature arrangements for sextet of the band's original compositions.

Samuel Gaudreault - guitar // Olivier Lepage-Applin - saxophone // Alexandre Le Blanc - double bass // Éric Maillet - drums // Lex French - trumpet // Jonathan Turgeon - piano

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

The Bombadils / residency show #4

Canadian maritimer Luke Fraser and prairie-girl Sarah Frank share a love of folk songs and fiddle tunes. Drawing from the Canadian, American, and Celtic traditions, the two pour the spirit of story-telling and kitchen parties into their own writing. Luke brings guitar, mandolin and home-grown east coast vocals in harmony with Sarah’s singing, lyrical fiddle playing and claw-hammer banjo.

Sarah Frank - fiddle, banjo, voice // Luke Fraser - guitar, mandolin, voice

#folk / Celtic / bluegrass

Beyond the Concert Stage: Classical Piano Night


Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies

Original contemporary compositions, infused with improvisations that feature unexpected twists and turns, reveal the virtuosity and the cohesion of this promising quartet.

Lex French - trumpet // Colin Power - alto sax // Nicolas Bédard - upright bass // Mark Nelson - drums

#Jazz #Original

Book Launch: Show Mode and Bullies Rule

This double book launch celebrates the publication of two children's books, Show Mode and Bullies Rule. Multigenerational guests will include families, writers, musicians, teachers and other educational professionals. A special, character-inspired playlist will play through the evening as background, punctuated by author readings from both books, and a brief performance by youth singers and musicians. In addition, a book-sales table will offer both books for purchase, along with a further selection of quality kid-lit by local writers.

Raquel Rivera - writer // Monique Polak - writer

#Book launch

Tour Launch Party

Tour Launch Party! Come support the group as they embark on a U.S./Canada tour that will take them all the way down to New Orleans to work with producer Delfeayo Marsalis in preparation for their next album.

Brandon Goodwin - drums // Alec Safy - bass // Joe Ferracuti - piano // Julien Sandiford - guitar // Masashi Usui - saxophone

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Matt Choboter trio

The trio navigates original compositions and standard repertoire exploring varied rhythmic and harmonic frameworks. Concepts of recession and growth, varied dialogue between spontaneity and intricate composition, time experienced on both the micro and macro levels and polyrhythmic interactions with the goal of highly subjective perceptual flexibility. Informed by Carnatic rhythmic ideas, of how time and space can be experienced with great accuracy by way of interacting large-scale and small-scale forms.

Matt Choboter - piano // Cole Birney-Stewart - double bass // Andrew Thomson - drum kit

#Jazz #Original

Adam O'Farrill's Stranger Days

Led by trumpeter and composer Adam O'Farrill, Stranger Days is an ensemble with an eclectic sound, that is cohesive and unified, yet thrives on the individuality of the members' voices. O'Farrill and the rest of the band members deliver original compositions that have a narrative ebb and flow, while the band also recreates the music of artists as varied as Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Kenny Dorham, and even reaches into the obscurity of indigenous Mexican music. In Stranger Days, there is joy, humor, sadness, and everything in between- in other words, it is music.
The rest of the band is comprised of Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor sax, Walter Stinson on bass, and Zack O'Farrill on drums. The band released its first album, Stranger Days, on Sunnyside Records, in April 2016. Nate Chinen of the NYTimes wrote in his review: “Marshaling a sharp band of his peers — Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor saxophone; Walter Stinson on bass; and Zack O’Farrill, his older brother, on drums — Mr. O’Farrill establishes both a firm identity and a willful urge to stretch and adapt.”
The band has performed at The Jazz Gallery, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Yale University, the Lilypad, and in 2017 will be performing at the 2017 NYC Winter Jazz Fest, 2017 Friehofer's Saratoga Jazz Festival, Cornell University, and more.

Adam O'Farrill - trumpet // Chad Lefkowitz-Brown - tenor sax // Walter Stinson - bass // Zack O'Farrill - drums

#Jazz #Original #Experimental #Instrumental

Samuel Cousineau Trio Feat. Donny Kennedy

Samuel Cousineau - alto saxophone // Donny Kennedy - alto saxophone // Andre White - drums // Mathieu McConnell - bass

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Samuel Bonnet Quartet Oriental Blue

« Oriental Blue » is the latest project of Montreal-based, Israeli-French acoustic guitarist Samuel Bonnet. Made of ten original compositions specifically written for his quartet, it takes the audience on a poetic journey inspired by different musical traditions form the Middle-East, North-Africa, Spain (Flamenco, Klezmer, Gnawa…) and the Americas (Jazz, Latin…), tracing a parallel between the jazz-blues characteristic melodic inflection : the « blue note » and its oriental cousin : the « melisma ».
But this project also has a visual dimension, as « Oriental Blue » also designates a color : the « ultramarine » blue, made from the Lapis-Lazuli, a precious stone. prized by painters and jewellers since antiquity for its intensity.
Distinguished by an acoustic and intimate format, the Samuel Bonnet Quartet has performed concerts and tours in Canada, the United States and Israel, and won a « Coup de Coeur Vision Diversity / Place Arts Prize » at the Montreal’s 2015 Vision Di- versity showcase, and has been selected, among 9 pan-Canadian emerging band, to be part of the 2016 Grand Prix Jazz TD competition, playing an outdoor show at the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Samuel Bonnet // Bruno Lamarche // Fraser Hollins // Elli Miller-Maboungou

#Jazz #World Jazz

Luc Herrmann Group

Montreal based modern jazz quartet, led by guitarist Luc Herrmann. The band demonstrates great comraderie and a high level of adrenaline while performing these deeply melodic compositions.

Luc Herrmann - guitar // Jules Payette - alto sax // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums


Beyond the Concert Stage: Classical Piano Night


Clio Em - GRAVITY WING Book + Album Launch

Gravity Wing is a science fiction love story by Clio Em, told through a novel and live soundtrack intertwining classical, folk, and electronic music. Illustrations and films by Hali Rey deepen the atmosphere of a newly created world. STORY Isabel is offered an artistic residency on the colony planet of New Canada, but beginning again on a new world proves difficult. Unexpectedly invited to a lavish society event by the taciturn Serge, she is swept off her feet under an unfamiliar sky. As Isabel and Serge dance in a sci-fi minuet around their feelings, they face the full force of the young planet's rigid social expectations.

Clio Em - voice, guitar, piano, electronics // Mercy Lamola - vocal harmonies // Dominic Guilbault - violin // Stefano Saykaly - reading // Dean Garlick - opening reading

#Classical #Original #Experimental #Instrumental #Vocal #Electronic #Poetry #science fiction

Adolescence (Toronto)

Adolescence can not be classified under a genre. It is a musical exploration, with compositions inspired by Harrison's youth. The music consists of a combination of traditional notation and selected pictures taken by Harrison. The pictures serve as a vehicle for spontaneous composition while the performer is not locked into the traditional notation. The listener will be taken on an atmospheric journey.

Harry Vetro - drums + compositions // Emily Denison - trumpet // Harrison Argatoff - saxophone // Jacob Thompson - piano // Dan Pitt - guitar // Meghan Gilhespy - vocals


Mondayz Quartet

Mondays Quartet plays original material and reinterpretations of tunes from jazz and latin repertoire.

Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier - piano // Pablo Bonacina - guitar // Christophe Papadimitriou - double bass // Mathieu Brami - percussions

#Jazz #Original

Alex Lefaivre Quartet feat. Rafael Zaldivar, Samuel Blais and Al Bourgeois

Led by electric bass player Alex Lefaivre, this new quartet will feature some of Montreal's most original improvisational voices. This first meeting of the minds will focus mostly on jazz standards as well as select covers a few originals.

Alex Lefaivre - electric bass // Rafael Zaldivar - piano // Samuel Blais - alto sax // Al Bourgeois - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

Sword & Seed

Sword & Seed perform the original compositions of Montreal songwriter Alicia Zwicewicz. Alicia's songs resemble in style those singers like Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling.

Alicia Zwicewicz - voice // Jacob Wiens - guitar & voice

#Original #Folk/singer-songwriter