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FOMO Report: Metatron Spring Launch

Sophia Katz, photo by Daphné Cheyenne

By Jay Winston Ritchie

I showed up to the Metatron Spring Launch with a large bag of Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips, which made me very popular among those who like Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips (everybody). I could tell from the amount of people who were at Drawn & Quarterly by 7 p.m.—on time—that the reading would be a memorable one. The atmosphere was cozy but energetic. A projector displayed what I thought was a slideshow of dolphins kissing dogs, but was actually just one picture of a dolphin kissing a dog.

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Reviews: Jay Winston Ritchie and Ali Pinkney

Ali Pinkney's Tampion

Ali Pinkney’s Tampion

The Résonance Reading Series has been running for over a year now and boasts an ever-expanding array of readers, both young upcoming and established. Recently I realized how many book launches I’ve attended of local writers who performed at Résonance before. In the spirit of support and pride, I’ve decided to write one-paragraph reviews of as many of these books as possible.

By Klara du Plessis

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