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FOMO Report: Metatron Spring Launch

Sophia Katz, photo by Daphné Cheyenne

By Jay Winston Ritchie

I showed up to the Metatron Spring Launch with a large bag of Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips, which made me very popular among those who like Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips (everybody). I could tell from the amount of people who were at Drawn & Quarterly by 7 p.m.—on time—that the reading would be a memorable one. The atmosphere was cozy but energetic. A projector displayed what I thought was a slideshow of dolphins kissing dogs, but was actually just one picture of a dolphin kissing a dog.

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Close Reading a poem by Sarah Burgoyne

Sarah Burgoyne

Sarah Burgoyne’s new chapbook Love the Sacred Raisin Cakes, published by baseline press in 2014, is gorgeous inside and out. A book object to hold in the hand and admire, the content is simultaneously gentle and unforgiving, a paper cut to the reader’s sensibility. Destroying healthy plants, “aphids […] invent lace” in the process. Pearls are compared with onions that bring you to tears. That which is sacred, is also sweet, silly and sacrilegious as raisin cakes. Here I will consider one poem, reprinted with permission.

By Klara du Plessis

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The FOMO Report: SLS Readings Montreal

SLS Montreal

Jay Winston Ritchie considers the SLS readings that took place in Montreal 20-22 February 2015.

Ten readers, three days, two locations. Another out of season Summer Literary Seminars program has come and gone. This time last year ARIANA REINES and EILEEN MYLES were making waves around the city, and I got FOMO pretty bad about it. I made sure not to miss anything this time. Here’s what went down over the weekend.

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Reviews: Jay Winston Ritchie and Ali Pinkney

Ali Pinkney's Tampion

Ali Pinkney’s Tampion

The Résonance Reading Series has been running for over a year now and boasts an ever-expanding array of readers, both young upcoming and established. Recently I realized how many book launches I’ve attended of local writers who performed at Résonance before. In the spirit of support and pride, I’ve decided to write one-paragraph reviews of as many of these books as possible.

By Klara du Plessis

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