A Poem by Jason Price Everett

Original cover of Hypodrome - artwork by Julien Bastien

Original cover of Hypodrome – artwork by Julien Bastien

Featuring a poem by Jason Price Everett – The Proliferation of Saint Elektra was originally published in his collection of poems Hypodrome (8th House Publishing 2012).



i can’t stand these things

it’s like drinking coffee
through a veil

choking on time swallowed
words come apart in her mouth

face like a firefly
smeared on a wall
cold glow chaste
in luciferase
faded luciferin
drips from a grin

eyes turn like wet lightning

this unseen mosaic
of lapis and hope
of blind televisions
rerunning the series
starring porphyrogenita
circling her head


would you recognize it
if you saw it

she’s arresting the light now
igniting the night
for the first to arrive

death madness or four o’clock

out of sight
stately sprawled

anagnostic mantis

ticking off the prayers
in a book she didn’t write

wondering what the inside of
his head tastes like


you can’t even be honest
about being dishonest

why didn’t you say something
a choir of chemicals
sings in her smoke
as the guêpes du ciel
build their nest in her mind
and they vomit chewed paper
and scan her an atlas
and trace out her veins
with a black magic marker
as the cellular pyxis
cc’s all her sisters
recreating her fears
on this canvas of cities
restating the facts
with beatified fingers

this heresiarch dossier
brands her with logo
seals her into the place
of the one become all



i don’t know who anybody is

anastasis hips
grind homogenized hells

sliding moments in spaces
between tables and solitudes
homegrown in heat

crouching in pockets
draining the power
of milk from her sockets

hovered in the makings
draped in borrowed ikons

all those old photos knowing
that she couldn’t paint a stroke

doubleclick the insert
that would open up her body

and she
gave it the


Jason Price Everett was born in Orlando, Florida in 1972. He was educated at Lafayette College, Cornell University and the University of Paris. He has held thirty different positions of employment to date, one of the more recent being that of English professor at a university in Xi’an, China. His first book, Unfictions, a collection of short prose pieces, was released by 8th House Publishing in 2009. His collection Hypodrome: Selected Poems 1990-2010 was published by 8th House in the spring of 2012. Xian Dyad, a poetic travelogue, was published by Spuyten Duyvil in the summer of 2012. His work has appeared in numerous online and print literary publications, including The Mad Hatters Review/MadHat Lit, Writers Notes Magazine, The Quarterly Review, The Prague Literary Review, Underground Voices, BLATT, Brand, The Alchemy Review, Carcinogenic Poetry, KGB Bar Lit Magazine, Ronin, Revue Mètropolitaine, CV2, The neo:anthology Project, Ginosko Literary Journal and Apiary. He currently lives in Philadelphia.