Sci-Fi Songs: Clio Em

Clio Em, photo credit Pawel Markowicz

Clio Em, photo credit Pawel Markowicz

Clio Em shares new tracks that she composed for the February Album Writing Month challenge, songs based on her sci-fi novel. 

Click to listen to Clio Em’s Gravity Wing here.

I have always loved writing. Until now, this has mostly taken the form of musical composition. On one of the first nights of the new year, the cold compelled my mind to assemble a dream containing such arresting visuals that I needed to reproduce them in the waking world somehow. Compelled to put the tableau I had dreamt on paper, I wrote a steady flow of words. I am a science fiction enthusiast so I began to direct the seedling of an emerging story in that direction. I have written short fiction in the past, so I assumed that this story would take similar shape and be of similar scope: several pages of terse prose. Not so. I wrote and wrote, staying up very late almost every night. Whenever I was not attending to other responsibilities, I would work on the story, which by then had morphed into a novella. Soon it reached novel length. This process carried me through January.

February arrived. I decided to undertake February Album Writing Month (, which sets out the challenge of writing 14 tracks in 28 days. My mission would be to write and record a sci-fi concept album called GRAVITY WING and base the constituent tracks’ themes on scenes out of my book. Thus, I would create the soundtrack to my own written work.

It is mid-month. I have written and recorded nine very diverse musical pieces, each of them infused with meaning from my underlying narrative. Five more will follow.

Thus far, my favourite song from the set is Milo and Celestine, an acoustic folk song which talks about two cameo characters, yet it defines an important emotional realization for the main character. This parallels a new discovery for me as an artist: in my own creative output, text and music must sometimes be intertwined.

Clio Em is a musician on a mission to discover new sound worlds. Drawing from her experience as a classical composer and opera singer, Clio’s distinct crossover style fuses elements of pop, folk, classical, and electronic genres that blend together into an arresting whole. Her work with text complements her music. Born and raised in Alberta, Clio now calls many places in the galaxy home, Canada and Europe among them.

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