Medusa Shaved


Emma Lee Iversen and Nada Wood at the Medusa Shaved premiere

Emma Lee Iversen and Nada Wood at the Medusa Shaved premiere

Three of the collaborators of Medusa Shaved, Klara du Plessis, Isis Giraldo, and Simon Labbé, are employees at Résonance Café!

MEDUSA SHAVED is a collaborative performative piece with poetry by Klara du Plessis, music composition by Isis Giraldo (musicians Kai Basanta, Jane Chan, Simon Labbé, Philippe Melanson), and dance choreography by Nada Wood (second dancer Emma Lee Iversen).

Thematically, Medusa Shaved engages with aesthetic hair removal – elevating one small (some might say, negligible, “girly”) aspect of the contemporary woman’s everyday experience to a sublime act, reviewing, critiquing, positively transforming ambivalent responses to it. On the one hand, the hairless body becomes stark, flat, a static blank canvas; on the other hand, the removed hair is woven into movement, a dance, a script, creative expression.

As mythical background stands Medusa, the woman with snakes instead of hair; both empowered and disempowered by her hair. Formally, Medusa Shaved supplements poetry with dramatic effects to step into the gap between the poetry reading and theatre genres.

This video clip was recorded by Leigh Gillam at the premiere in December 2013 at La Poêle dance studio. Medusa Shaved will be performed a second time tomorrow Sunday 6 April, 830pm at Mainline Theatre, alongside Ian Ferrier’s project For Body and Light. Tickets available at the door.

Click here to view a short video teaser of Medusa Shaved